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Organization and history of the 1st Arcadian Armored Regiment.

Here's a bit of fluff I wrote explaining why my tank crews use Mordian Imperial Guard models.

Organization and history of the 1st Arcadian Armored Regiment.

The 1st Arcadian has had a long an proud past serving the Imperium. As the first Imperial Guard unit founded after colonization, the 1st, and its sister regiments, have long been at the forefront in the defense of Humanity.

Though destroyed numerous times, the 1st’s tradition lives on through newly formed units. Regiments from Arcadia are regularly merged with other Arcadian units when the level of troops drops below effective fighting strength. The newly formed unit continues to use the name of the regiment with the highest ranking officer. This allows units in the field to continue to be a useful military force and reduce regimental incompatibility between units from different planets.

Most recently, the 1st Arcadian was reformed after the depleted 1st regiment, still on combat deployment, was amalgamate with the 6th Arcadian, a regiment of infantry. Currently the regiment is undergoing the final stages of training on Arcadia.

The strength of the regiment stands at 9 full Armored Companies of Leman Russ battle tanks and their variants and one company of infantry sappers, anti-air crews, and combat engineers. The Tanks are the main strength of the regiment, while the tenth company provides base security and fortification in addition to supplying crew replacements.

Uniform: The 1st and 2nd Arcadian wear the fully dress uniform of all Arcadian regiments. The uniform coat is blue tunics with red cuffs and collars. The gray pants are striped with matching red down the outside seam. Enlisted uniforms are edged with white trim, while officers have silver trim. Large epaulets adorn the shoulders and are the same color as the trim. Small round caps are issued to enlisted, while larger peaked caps are issued to officers.

The 1st does not have a battlefield uniform as the rest of the Arcadian units. Tank crews will commonly remove the epaulets to allow ease of movement within the cramped confines of their vehicles, but otherwise they wear their full dress into battle with pride. The tenth company follows suit and it is not uncommon to see orderly ranks of men in Arcadian blue and red firing disciplined volleys of lasgun fire into the enemy while the tanks of their regiment spur ahead.

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